This America State Has the Mass Killings According to Previous Years Records

There have been almost 570 mass killings in the U.S. since 2006, with close to 3,000 deaths. The most recent one happened in Lewiston, Maine. 18 people were killed and 13 were hurt in a shooting in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday. The shooting happened at a bowling alley and a restaurant nearby.

A record kept by USA Today, The Associated Press, and Northeastern University shows that this was the deadliest mass killing in the United States so far in 2023. It was one of 37 such events that happened this year. The project says that a mass killing is “the deliberate killing of four or more victims by any means within 24 hours, excluding the deaths of unborn children and the offender(s).”

With these killings and the fact that five people were found dead from gunshots in a home in Sampson County, North Carolina, on Thursday, 195 people have been killed in similar incidents this year. The states with the most mass killings in 2023 are California and Texas, with four each and 28 and 21 deaths, respectively. There have been three mass killings in Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee, with at least 12 people killed in each state.

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This America State Has the Mass Killings According to Previous Years Records

There have been two mass killings in six more states this year, including Maine and North Carolina. There have been one in eight states. Nearly 3,000 people have died and another 2,000 have been hurt in mass killings in the U.S. since 2006. There have been 61 cases in that time, with Texas coming in second with 48. The USA Today/AP database has a study that says “mass killings with higher death tolls often take place in smaller towns or rural settings.” Homicides in which fewer than four people are killed happen more often in bigger cities.

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According to the data, guys are responsible for most mass killings. The USA Today/AP database lists 680 criminals whose sex was known. Of these, 93% were men and 7% were women. Of those who did it, most were between the ages of 25 and 29, with 32 being the average age. The youngest killer in the 4% of mass killings where the killer was a child was only 9 years old.

The analysis that goes with the database also says that fatal public shootings are a smaller part of mass killings generally and that most of the time, the people who are killed in mass killings are related to or know the killers. In 2022, there were 42 mass killings. Of those, seven were fatal public shootings that had nothing to do with other crimes, and 17 were mass killings involving families.

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