This Kansas City Temple is Located in the Most Unforgettable Settings

Most churches, cathedrals, and temples are in cities, where they are bordered by homes and other buildings. But this Kansas City temple is set in a way that makes it stand out from the rest. But that’s not a mountain or a lake setting. Instead, there are wide open areas, well-kept lawns, and the most beautiful skies in the world all around this temple. Check it out! There is a golden figure on top of this clean white church that stands on top of every LDS Temple in the United States.

There are more than one hundred of them, with this one in Kansas City being the 137th. You can see this church from afar because it is in the beautiful Northland neighborhood of Kansas City.

The building itself stands out with its stained glass, gold lettering, and well-kept grounds. But what makes the setting so special? It’s all about the church, then! The grass, flowers, and trees near the church are all well taken care of, and nothing is in the way of your view.

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It makes this place feel like more than just a church. You can see it from far away since there isn’t much in the way. That beautiful place I talked about? The sky over Kansas City.

Every day, a beautiful work of art is painted in the sky. It often adds a ring of light around this church and brings the whole scene to life. What a beautiful sight the sunset is from the LDS Temple.

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Every day in Kansas City, the sunset is breathtakingly beautiful. But when you combine it with the quiet beauty of this temple, you have a sight you’ll never forget. There is an LDS temple in Kansas City, Missouri. It can be found at 7001 Searcy Creek Parkway. If you need help finding your way, you can use the guide below. Have a great trip!

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