Texas' Safest Small Cities: Our Top 5 Picks

Communities and safety are essential components of small-town life in the huge Lone Star State. Discover the essence of what makes these places not just secure havens but also beloved residences as we investigate Texas’ Safest Small Cities.

Each city offers a different combination of safety, affluence, and quality of life, from the old world beauty of San Elizario to the posh neighborhoods of Memorial Villages.

Accompany us on this voyage to these havens of peace, where the American ideal flourishes against the backdrop of Texas’s diverse cultural fabric.

San Elizario

  • Crime Rate: 86.4% Below National Crime Rate

The 9,161-person town of San Elizario struggles with an alarming crime rate. The community struggles to keep its citizens safe and secure, with a violent crime rate per capita of 22.4% and a non-violent crime rate per capita of 44.7%.

The most common type of crime is property crime, which emphasizes the necessity of taking preventative measures to guard against theft and damage.

San Elizario, for all its modest size, faces formidable challenges when it comes to combating crime, thus proactive measures to address root causes and protect the community’s residents are imperative.

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  • Crime Rate: 96% Below National Crime Rate

Texas' Safest Small Cities: Our Top 5 Picks

This city was once a tiny town with only a few hundred residents. But because of its closeness to the Houston metropolitan region, its population has increased to far over 13,000 people. Fulshear, a small town in Fort Bend County, was recently named one of the wealthiest in Texas.

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  • Crime Rate: 86% Below National Crime Rate

Hutto, a community of 26,924 people, faces obstacles as well as opportunities when it comes to crime statistics. The town’s 9.7% violent crime rate suggests that there is a certain amount of safety and security, but the 15.6% per capita recorded incidence of non-violent crimes raises concerns.

These numbers point to a complicated dynamic in the community, where attempts to reduce violent crime may be having an impact, but problems with property-related offenses continue.

Apart from Hutto Lake Park, the neighborhood has several newly constructed residential areas that are zoned to these schools, as well as several schools catering to prospective families.

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  • Crime Rate: 77.58% Below National Crime Rate

At 8.6% per capita, Colleyville, a community of 27,262 people, has a comparatively low rate of violent crimes. This figure illustrates the community’s dedication to security and safety. Furthermore, the prevalence of non-violent crimes is rather low, at 13.9% per person.

Texas' Safest Small Cities: Our Top 5 Picks

The emphasis on both violent and non-violent crime rates highlights the community’s commitment to protecting the health and standard of living of its residents.


  • Crime Rate: 75.72% Below National Crime Rate

The town of Wolfforth, which has 5,131 residents, has an alarmingly high crime rate. The rate of violent crimes, which includes crimes like robbery and assault, is 23.5% per population, which poses a serious threat to public safety.

Furthermore, non-violent crimes, which include theft and property damage, are common, accounting for 28.2% of all crimes committed.

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