These are the Most Serene Escapes in the Entire New York City

New York City is busy and loud, but there are some quiet places in the city. Casago is a vacation rental management business that works with homeowners and guests in Mexico and the U.S. They did research to find the most peaceful tourist spots in the U.S. and found that Roosevelt Island in New York City is the best place to relax.

In case you didn’t know, Roosevelt Island is an area of Manhattan, even though it is in the East River and has a very different feel. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the quiet island was home to hospitals, an almshouse, and an insane institution. It was once called Blackwell’s Island. Now, it’s home to residential high rises, a few restaurants and shops, and most recently, Cornell Tech’s new campus.

It feels more like a suburb than any other area in Manhattan. The best places to see the view of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines are from the Esplanade and the Panorama Room on top of the new Graduate Roosevelt Island Hotel. From the school grounds to the FDR Four Freedoms Park, it has lots of open areas to walk around and have a picnic.

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There were also calls for peace in other places in New York City, such as Strawberry Fields (the John Lennon Memorial), Liberty Park at the World Trade Center, The Met Cloisters, St. Joseph’s Chapel Catholic Memorial at Ground Zero, Trinity Church, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

According to one writer, Roosevelt Island is the city’s most peaceful place and a “happy surprise.” It is stuck in the East River between Manhattan and Queens, with the Queensboro Bridge towering above it. “One person says the island is “a great way to get away from the people.” “This island is a car, bike, skateboard, free zone,” says a third. You can stop your car there and then cross a small bridge to get to the wooded island. From there, you can walk through the trees to a clearing where Roosevelt will greet you with a wave. It’s a quiet and beautiful spot to think and just be. It’s not car-free; there’s just less traffic and one “major” road that goes around the island. Just for this reason, it’s great for riding.

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So that he could decide which places are truly “most peaceful,” Casago studied Tripadvisor reviews from all fifty U.S. states and the twenty most famous U.S. towns. They kept track of how many times “peaceful” was used to describe attractions in each state and the 20 places listed in TripAdvisor’s “things to do” section.

As soon as Casago had the list, they went to each site’s page and took a number of measurements, including where it was located, what kind of attraction it was, and how many English reviews it had. Some groups were left out, like spas, 4WD trips, horseback riding tours, and more. Last but not least, Casago ranked the sites for each state, and city and the top 10 in the whole country based on how many times “peaceful” was mentioned in 1000 English reviews. It is correct to look at the statistics as of September 2023.

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