Frequent Passengers May Now Get Brightline Shared Passes

Brightline announced a new all-station shared pass on Monday to offer what it claims is a “more cost-effective journey between Orlando and Miami.”

With the pass, travelers may travel for a set price between Orlando, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, and Miami.

The pass, which costs $1,199 and offers a total of 12 rides, is good for 90 days. Additionally, it may be distributed among family and friends.

The pass, according to Brightline, is advantageous for people who often travel between South Florida and Orlando.
“The all-station shared pass is designed for guests who plan to travel frequently between South Florida and Orlando and want ultimate flexibility to book trips on demand with consistent fare rates and no unexpected fees or blackout dates,” said Barbara Drahl, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Strategy at Brightline.

“The pass can be shared to book rides for friends, family, and colleagues, putting guests in control to embark on adventures, business meetings, and cherished family getaways with ease.”

Brightline also provides a common pass for the five South Florida stations for individuals seeking to travel by rail to or from Miami and West Palm Beach, as well as all stops in between. That pass’s starting price is $229 for 12 trips within 30 days. A single pass with 40 rides within 30 days is also offered, beginning at $399. That pass is not transferable.

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