Stolen car tracked from Ohio to Kentucky, where owners shoot alleged thief

An alleged thief is recovering from a gunshot wound after an Ohio couple followed their stolen car to a crowded Fort Mitchell Kroger gas station and confronted the man with a gun.

“Respond to the Kroger, 4160 Dixie, for a gunshot,” police radio dispatchers said shortly after 9 a.m.

But this was not the beginning of the narrative; it began 12 miles north and two hours earlier.

One of Chester’s Chicken’s frequent customers dropped in at 7 a.m. and ordered a sandwich, according to the manager. The alleged thief was outside while he was doing this.

The victim’s Ford Fusion was running, according to police, and his cell phone was inside.

“The camera catches the guy peeking through my door into the store to see how far the guy went in,” store manager Dr. Leonard Washington explained. “[This] gave him the opportunity to run back around to the driver’s side.”

The alleged thief fled, but the victim’s girlfriend, who was at home at the time, was able to follow it using a tracking software on her boyfriend’s phone, according to Local 12.

According to Fort Mitchell police, the pair was then given a ride by a friend, and they went in search of the automobile.

“She did her own research to find the car, which was excellent.” “I wouldn’t give her a high five for how she handled it,” Washington remarked.

The automobile and the suspected thief were discovered at the Fort Mitchell Kroger. The victim attempted to get into the passenger seat at one point. The woman, who was armed with a revolver, allegedly approached the driver’s side and shot the man in the neck, claiming she feared for their safety.

“She’s claiming self-defense, and some of the evidence matches, so that’s what the grand jury will decide,” Fort Mitchell Police Chief Rob Nader said.

“It’s a small light vehicle,” the officer explained. “It took off at a high speed.” It most likely collided with another vehicle. The Ford Focus has been taken. “The male is lying on the ground.”

That police call came in shortly after the alleged thief attempted to flee in the automobile and collided with a truck in the parking lot.

Stolen car tracked from Ohio to Kentucky, where owners shoot alleged thief

“We have people chasing each other, hollering at the same time,” remarked Chief Nader. “So, we got them all down at gunpoint because we have a call of a shooting.”

According to Chief Nader, police held the pair as paramedics transported the alleged thief to the hospital. He stated that this is not what individuals should do if their car has been stolen.

“We don’t want to see people shooting each other over Ford Fusions,” Nader went on to say. “No one should stop someone who stole your car.” Call us and we’ll take care of it. That’s a crowded parking lot. We don’t need more people killed.”

Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders mirrored these comments.

“Nobody’s life is worth a Ford Fusion, no matter how nice it is.” “It’s better to let a stolen car drive away than to shoot someone,” Sanders explained.

Fortunately, this did not occur, but the episode did little to alleviate the worry of several customers at the petrol station.

“People are crazy,” said Crestview Hills resident Michael Monahan. “We’re living in a different planet. I’m telling you, it’s not how it was when I was a kid.”

The Kenton County Grand Jury, which meets next on January 4, will decide who gets charged for what.

The would-be car thief is healing from his gunshot wound and is likely to be fine, according to police.

Cheviot Police told Local 12 that they do not intend to ticket the victim or seek charges for vehicle theft since any charges filed in Kentucky would take precedence.

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