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Dutchess County seeks applications for Human Rights Commission

Dutchess County seeks applications for Human Rights Commission

PUCKHKEEPSIE To cover vacancies as terms end, the Dutchess County Commission on Human Rights is accepting applications for membership. Applications are encouraged from anyone who are committed to upholding human rights and making sure that everyone is treated with respect and inclusion in Dutchess County.

The Commission is looking for individuals who fully capture the County’s variety, especially its geographic diversity. Go to www.dutchessny.gov/humanrights to apply for membership and to find out more about the Commission on Human Rights’ activity. The deadline for applications is March 31st.

“Our Commission on Human Rights seeks members looking to make a difference by taking on this important role of ensuring inclusivity in our community,” stated Sue Serino, the county executive of Dutchess County. We strongly urge all of our numerous civic-minded citizens who are passionate about upholding human rights to submit an application.

Dutchess County Executive Sue Serino.

The Commission on Human Rights is made up of 14 volunteers and a County-employed Executive Director/Chair. The Commission strives to uphold diversity, foster understanding, and protect human rights in Dutchess County. It meets once a month. To further this goal, members take part in a variety of work groups in between sessions. Applicants for volunteer positions must be at least eighteen (19) years old and willing to dedicate five to ten hours per month to the Commission’s activities. As the tenure of the present members expire, there will be four membership vacancies as of September 2024. On October 1st, 2024, new terms will start; these will be three-year appointments.

Every applicant will take part in an interview procedure conducted by the Nominating Work Group of the Commission. The Commission as a whole then receives the Work Group’s report, and it forwards its recommendations to the County Executive and the Chair of the County Legislature. The confirmation of all nominations is pending approval by the Dutchess County Legislature.

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