The Most Creepiest Places in Vermont Where You Feel Very Uncomfortable

These places might not be right for you if you’re scared of things that go bump in the night. Vermont has a long history of ghost stories that might make even the most skeptical people think twice before dismissing these scary stories. Many other people said the stories were not true, and then strange things happened while they were looking into them. If you’ve ever seen a book fly across the room or talked to a ghost, you may not need any more proof. But for those who don’t, here are some of Vermont’s scariest places that may be in your thoughts tonight.

1. Eddy House, Chittendon

Zepaniah Eddy lived in the Eddy House at first. His three children were psychics who came from a long line of psychics. William, Horatio, and Mary were psychics from a very young age. They played with ghostly kids, went into trances, and spoke in ghostly voices. They were finally kicked out of school for floating desks and making books fly through the air.

After 14 years of being used cruelly by a moving sideshow, Zepaniah had enough of the supernatural. He sold his children to the show. After their father died, the children moved back into the Eddy House and turned it into an inn called the Green Tavern. There, they held séances for guests and talked to ghosts. Henry Steel Olcott went to see if the stories were true. He came back convinced that the Eddys really did have supernatural powers. He then wrote a book called People from Other Worlds, which was about his time with the Eddys and included drawings of the spirits, the grounds, and the Eddy house. There is now a ski club called the High Life Ski Club there.

2. The Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm, Quechee

This famous inn was built in 1793, and John Porter bought it in 1845. He lived there with his wife Jane until they died, John in 1886, and Jane in 1900. It is said that Jane Porter’s ghost still lives in the inn. People have heard noises and footsteps in rooms that are empty, and her ghost has been seen walking from the dining room to the main hallway. Her presence has also been felt in the eating area, and people have heard whistling sounds in the bar area. Young Patrick Marsh is thought to live here as well; he hides guests’ things and then brings them back later. People also say that he messed with the TVs and lights. The inn is still open for business today.

3. Vermont Police Academy, Pittsford

The Vermont Police Academy used to be a state hospital for people with tuberculosis. A nurse named Mary who worked there during that time and got TB is said to still visit the building. Inside the trainees’ rooms, all of the old call buttons are still there. It is said that if you press one, the friendly ghost of the nurse Mary will come to visit you at night.


Vermont has a long history of ghost stories, with some places being particularly haunting. The Eddy House in Chittendon, where psychics were used by a sideshow, is haunted by ghosts. The Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm, built in 1793, is haunted by Jane Porter’s ghost and Patrick Marsh’s ghost. The Vermont Police Academy in Pittsford, once a state hospital for tuberculosis patients, is said to have a ghost who visits trainees at night.

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