Biden Calls on Atlanta Voters: 'Stand Up Against Trump's Revenge Run

As the two party front-runners prepare for a rematch in November, President Biden urged his supporters to oppose former President Trump during a campaign reception in Atlanta.

In remarks on Saturday, Biden contended that Trump is really “running for revenge” at Mary Mac’s Tea Room.

“Folks, Trump isn’t running to lead America. He’s running for revenge,” Biden stated on Saturday. “And look, revenge is no way to lead a country.”

After arriving in Atlanta on Sunday to deliver the Morehouse College commencement speech, Biden courted Georgia voters in the state’s capital city on Saturday, cautioning that “unhinged” Trump poses a threat to “democracy.” He also acknowledged the Peach State voters as the “reason” for his election victory in 2020.

The president, who narrowly prevailed in 2020, greeted the voters in the state with admiration and predicted that, with their support, he would win the battleground state in November.

“Tell people that if you doubt the power of the vote, come visit Georgia,” Biden further added. “What you’ve all done is incredible. You’re the reason — not a joke — Georgia is the reason I’m president of the United States.”

But according to recent surveys, the president is losing against Trump in Georgia, a state that is essential to his reelection campaign. More troubles for the Biden campaign came from a recent New York Times survey, which indicated that he was trailing the outgoing president by 10 points in the state. This was the second-largest disparity among the battleground states surveyed, only surpassing Nevada’s 12-point lead.

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Despite the results, Biden stated, “We feel good about the state of the race. There’s a lot to do. We know we’re far from over. But we know the race is close. Polls vary from moving up to down to tied but it’s hard to make any poll rational these days.”

He emphasized the significance of the approaching election by saying that “freedoms” are at stake and that Trump cannot hold the presidency once more.

“We cannot let this man become president,” Biden stated. “Our children’s future is at stake. Not a joke. If you’ll allow me to make the case… We have to win this race, not for me but for America.”


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