Maryland State Police aircraft rescues woman from mountain brink

A woman is healing after being rescued from a 50-foot fall in the mountains of Western Maryland earlier this week.

A Maryland State Police helicopter crew rescued her and offered prompt and urgent care to save her life.

A hiker is carried into a Medivac helicopter in a video from Tuesday after falling off a ledge along the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

“On the terrain below, it was rocks and trees, so I’m not exactly sure what she hit on the way down,” TFC Samantha English, a trooper flight medic, said. “But when we heard it was a 50-foot fall, we were definitely suspicious of some serious injuries and serious trauma that we would be dealing with.”

Trooper 3 arrived just as dispatch transmitted the news that the woman’s condition had deteriorated due to the tumble down the steep hill.

Medical staff rushed to the woman’s aid after the aircraft spotted her.

“Basically, was able to bandage up her injuries, stabilize her at that time, gave her some medication just to keep her stable until we were able to actually package her and extricate her to get her to a trauma center,” English said in an interview.

The woman was airlifted to Baltimore for treatment at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

The prompt response of first responders made all the difference.

“So, with the whole blood that we have, getting that down to her, we can provide that extra buffer and that extra time needed to get patients that definitive care,” English went on to say.

The woman’s current status is unknown, but she is expected to recover.

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