Yorktown Memorial Hospital is the Spookiest Place to Visit in Texas

Thrillist says that an old hospital 75 miles southeast of San Antonio is the scariest place in Texas. The magazine named the scariest place to visit in each state just in time for Halloween. In Texas, the title went to Yorktown Memorial Hospital, a building that has been closed for a long time but used to be a recovery center.

“The old beds, gurneys, mirrors, chairs, and other medical equipment are still inside, this decrepit abandoned hospital, where more than 2,000 patients died before it shuttered in 1988,” wrote Thrillest.

“Today, visitors have described inexplicable apparitions, whispers, shadowy figures in the hallways, wheelchairs rolling unpushed, and a particularly terrifying talking doll in the nursery that asks, ‘Do you love me?'”

The Felician Sisters, a group of Catholic nuns, built the hospital in 1950. It closed in 1986. After being closed for a while, the building reopened as a center for drug and alcohol recovery.

The Victoria Advocate says that Yorktown Memorial has been the setting for a 2011 movie called “Yorktown,” which had its premiere in San Antonio, as well as camera teams from the Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures.”

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The property’s owner now lets people take tours and look into ghosts. The Thrillist nod is not the first time the haunted site has been praised. The Yorktown Memorial was on a popular “Haunted Roadmap” that showed a bunch of scary Texas spots, like the Donkey Lady Bridge in San Antonio.

The Ghost Phenomena at Yorktown Memorial Hospital

There are many stories about how many people really died in the hospital, but it is said that about 2,000 people died. This might be true or might not be true, but it shows how much supernatural behavior there is here.

The building has a basement and two wings on either side. It’s about 30,000 square feet whole. The second floor was only for people who worked there to live in. It was very hard to find and keep staff when it was a rehab center, which brings up the subject of workers. In the end, this meant that the few people who worked there could not keep the people they were caring for under control. Dr. Leon Norwierski was the name of one of them.

Dr. Leon Norwierski

One of the most important doctors at the hospital was Dr. Norwierski. He was an older man who worked as a doctor into his 90s. He had the oldest medical license in Texas when he retired. This did not, however, mean that patients were safer when he was in charge.

It was well known that the doctor made mistakes that killed patients during surgeries. In one of these mistakes, he cut a patient’s throat by accident while working on his thyroid. If someone cuts your throat, it’s not clear how that could be a “accident,” but maybe we should give him a chance. Should he?

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The Felician Sisters

Some nuns are also said to still be around, though the stories about them aren’t what you’d expect. People who have looked into the hospital and toured it say the nuns can be violent. People who have come have been snatched, scratched, or rushed, and it seems to be especially bad for people with tattoos. One sister has been seen in different parts of the building, and pictures of her doing what she usually does have also been taken.

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