Wyoming's Supernatural Secrets Exploring the State's Most Haunted Locations

There is a hidden world beneath the wide open spaces of Wyoming’s wide-open plains and enormous, blue skies. This realm is full with ghost stories, unexplained occurrences, and terrifying experiences.

This is more than simply cowboy country; there are many tales of pioneers, miners, and outlaws in Wyoming’s rich past, many of whom may not have completely gone on.

Buckle up for a terrifying journey to Wyoming’s most haunted places, whether you’re a paranormal aficionado or just love a good ghost story.

We’ll explore the terrifying tales and eerie incidents that have solidified these locations in Wyoming’s paranormal folklore, from shuttered forts to old-fashioned motels. So grab your torch and prepare to discover the Cowboy State’s sinister side!

Wyoming Territorial Prison, Laramie

Built in 1872, the Wyoming Territorial Prison was initially a modest establishment with 42 cells arranged over three stories. The prison was enlarged in 1889, adding two times as many cells as before, along with new amenities including a dining area and a chapel.

Following its closure in 1903, the prison was transformed into an agricultural experiment station. The ghost of Julius Greenwelch, a convicted murderer who operated a cigar business out of the prison, is claimed to be one of the most common ghosts haunting the facility!

Despite his seeming mischievousness, he is actually a harmless spirit that enjoys hiding workmen’s tools, especially when they are making excessive noise.

He has also made appearances to folks who need to be working but are napping.

Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park

The main draw for most visitors to Yellowstone National Park is the geysers—more especially, Old Faithful! Nonetheless, Old Faithful Inn, one of Wyoming’s most haunted inns, is another must-see sight in the area for anyone with a penchant for the paranormal!

Wyoming's Supernatural Secrets Exploring the State's Most Haunted Locations

The fact that the West Wing, a more recent addition to the inn, was constructed over a few unmarked graves is one of the reasons it is rumored to be haunted. This was done entirely by accident, but it has nonetheless unsettled the spirits of those who were buried there.

A headless bride in her white filly bridal gown, a man dressed like a frontiersman, a dejected small child, and a woman dressed in 1890s style who enjoys watching guests sleep are among the other apparitions that have been documented.

The Historic Plains Hotel, Cheyenne

It is reported to be haunted by three spirits, all of which are claimed to have crossed over simultaneously in a double murder-suicide scenario. The three of them are thought to have been in a love triangle that ended tragically and fatally.

According to mythology, a newlywed couple got into a quarrel in the Plains during their honeymoon. After he departed, his wife went in search of him and found him with another woman. She fired a shot at each of them, then aimed the rifle at herself.

Visitors frequently claim to have seen windows and doors open and close on their own, and all three have been spotted in different areas of the hotel!

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Irma Hotel, Cody

The fact that Buffalo Bill himself actually built the Irma Hotel in Cody is what makes it so famous. The majority of people are unaware, nevertheless, that this hotel is among the most haunted in Wyoming and is rumored to be haunted by both Buffalo Bill and a number of other restless ghosts.

Wyoming's Supernatural Secrets: Exploring the State's Most Haunted Locations

Irma Cody, the youngest daughter of Buffalo Bill, inspired the hotel’s name, and lore has it that she haunts the establishment. In chamber 16, which used to be her chamber, there has been an apparition that fits her description.

Those who have witnessed her claim to have seen her sitting in the room’s corner rocking rocker.

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Wonder Bar, Casper

Wonder Bar is reputed to be among Wyoming’s most haunted buildings. Strange and inexplicable noises have been reported by visitors, and they have also observed the basement lights going on and off while no one is inside.

Workers report that they frequently feel as though someone is watching them while they work; some even report hearing the sound of someone following them. Over the years, several apparitions have been reported, including a woman dressed in white and a cowboy.

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To Conclude

Wyoming presents a terrifying blend of history and the paranormal, from the restless ghosts of captives in the Wyoming Territorial Prison to the lonely souls of the Historic Plains Hotel.

Regardless of your level of belief, there is no denying that these haunted places are full with intriguing mystery.

If you dare, make sure to visit these haunted locations the next time you’re in Wyoming; you never know when you might have a close encounter with the paranormal.

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