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Woman arrested for carrying guns at Liberty High School

LIBERTY: A 38-year-old Monticello resident was detained when it was discovered that she was in possession of multiple pistols on the Liberty High School campus.

Amanda Jones was in possession of three firearms, including a loaded Ruger and a Ruger 9mm semi-automatic handgun, according to the Village of Liberty Police Department.A Glock 43 9mm semi-automatic handgun and a 22 calibre semi-automatic handgun were found during a traffic stop. Subsequent inquiry showed that Jones had been on Liberty High School property prior to the traffic stop, carrying all three firearms in the same car.

Jones was arraigned in the Town of Liberty Court after being charged with three felonies related to criminal possession of a weapon on school property. Although the Sullivan County District Attorney’s office requested that the arraigning judge impose bail for Jones, she was freed without bond in anticipation of a further court appearance.

According to Liberty Police Chief Steven D. Agata, “Our department will continue to aggressively investigate and take appropriate enforcement action on any instances of unlawful possession of weapons on school grounds.” Our department’s first goal remains the safety of the entire school community, and we will keep using all legal resources and precautions to make sure of that.

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