Where You Can Own a Home Tax-Free: States Without Property Taxes

Are you imagining a life without real estate taxes? This is more than just a dream! It may surprise you to learn that there are some US states where you can become a homeowner without having to worry about paying yearly property taxes.

Property taxes can be a big financial barrier for a lot of people, affecting retirement planning and budgeting among other things. We explore states where tax-free homeownership becomes a reality in this post as we delve into the fascinating world of tax-free homeownership.

Thus, gather your belongings and get set to discover an infinite universe of savings. Let’s explore the states that offer tax-free ownership of a genuine piece of the American dream — the hidden treasures!

Do Any States Not Have Property Taxes?

No, states do not exist without property taxes. There is a minimum property tax in each state in the union. Nonetheless, several states provide exemptions for individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and veterans, so in some cases, paying no property taxes is conceivable.

Actually, for veterans who suffer disabilities as a result of their service, almost every state offers unique exemptions.

States Where Seniors Under 65 Pay No Property Tax


One of the few states where seniors pay no property taxes at all is Alabama. For retirees who are over 65, the state provides a complete exemption from state property taxes.


For seniors who prefer not to pay property taxes, Florida is an excellent alternative. One of the many perks that the Sunshine State provides to retirees is an exemption from property taxes.

Where You Can Own a Home Tax-Free: States Without Property Taxes


On the first $150,000 of their home’s worth, retirees over 65 are excused from paying taxes. Furthermore, residents of Alaska are eligible for financial assistance, which might offset any increased taxes you may be experiencing.

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Up to $75,000 of the property value of your home is excluded if you are over 65.


State property tax exemptions are available to certain retirees over 65; these exemptions are generally thought to be targeted towards low-income homes.

South Dakota

Property taxes in this state might be postponed until your home is sold thanks to retiree-focused property tax relief programs. A property tax freeze or decrease is another benefit available to low-income households.

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Where You Can Own a Home Tax-Free: States Without Property Taxes

Is It Possible to Lower Your State Property Tax Bill?

If you are in love with your current state and have no desire to move, there might be ways to lower your property tax obligations.

Having an assessor come out and demonstrate that the worth of your home is less than what the local authorities claim it is is the simplest method to accomplish this.

You can also file a tax appeal and urge the municipality to review their decision if you find that your tax bill differs from comparable houses in your neighborhood.

Additionally, localities frequently have municipal exemptions of their own that might further reduce your tax liability. It’s a good idea to see whether communities have exemptions that apply to you.

The majority of municipalities grant exemptions to families with low incomes, and many grant additional exemptions to individuals with disabilities.

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To Conclude

Although it may not be possible to own a home totally free of property taxes, there are ways to reduce the burden! We examined ways to potentially reduce your property tax burden in your current area as well as tax-free homeownership opportunities for seniors in particular states.

Recall that you can save a lot of money on your ideal home by doing some study and planning ahead of time. Thus, consider your options, balance the advantages, and get ready to turn the key to a future that is more tax-friendly!

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