Where Not to Go 5 Areas to Avoid in Washington

Washington state, which is located in the Pacific Northwest, is well-known for its breathtaking landscape, which includes the untamed shoreline and the majestic Cascade Mountains.

Like any other place, Washington does, however, have some parts that might not be suitable for every visitor. Avoiding some neighborhoods might greatly improve your trip, whether you’re looking for a hectic nightlife scene or a pure natural escape.

Depending on your travel interests, this article explores 5 places in Washington to avoid to ensure a safe and pleasurable exploration of the Evergreen State.


Because to its high rates of both violent and property crime, Anacostia is regarded as one of Washington, DC’s worst neighborhoods.

With a population of 117,488 people, it is a historic neighborhood in southeast Washington, DC, yet crime is a major problem there. This neighborhood’s crime rate is irregular, having changed since the early 2000s.

According to a survey, only 44% of residents said they felt comfortable strolling on the street during the day. Locals complain that they don’t feel like the police patrol or protect them sufficiently.


Because of its high rate of violent crime, Brentwood is the most dangerous neighborhood in Washington, DC. The population of the neighborhood is 28,660. In Brentwood in 2022, there were 1,715 violent crimes reported, out of 7,556 total incidents of auto theft, theft, and burglary.

Where Not to Go 5 Areas to Avoid in Washington

Because of the high rate of petty theft, it is not advisable to leave personal things, such as motorcycles or items in your car, out of sight. Keeping your wallet, cash, and valuables out of sight is advised if you want to use public transportation.

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Given the incredibly high rate of crime, Deanwood is among the worst areas of Washington, DC, to reside. The population of Deanwood, a neighborhood in Northeastern Washington, DC, is 29,798. The area’s violent crime rate is 600% greater than the state average.

Even though there is a moderate police presence, crime has increased by 2% year since 2018. 30 robberies, 34 assaults, 27 burglaries, and three killings were reported in the DC area in the first half of 2021, according to authorities. One in twelve people will fall victim to a crime of any kind overall.

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Petworth is a city in Ward 4 of the Northwest with 11,886 inhabitants. There are some really unsafe locations in Petworth, even if it’s not as deadly as some other neighborhoods in Washington, DC.

Where Not to Go 5 Areas to Avoid in Washington

While violent crime is 143% greater in Petworth than it is nationwide, overall crime is 14% lower in Petworth than it is in Washington, DC. Particularly when you’re alone, walking at night is not suggested.

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Columbia Heights

Columbia Heights is another of Washington, DC’s most dangerous neighborhoods. With 34,875 residents, the neighborhood is well-known for having a significant gang presence. This neighborhood has a crime rate of 5,825 per 100,000 residents in 2020.

However, gang-related violence makes up the majority of the crime, and violent crimes like shootings usually have little effect on the local populace. When exercising common sense, walking and bicycling throughout the day are deemed safe activities.

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To Conclude

Although Washington has beautiful scenery, there are several places that will greatly affect your experience. Knowing these neighborhoods’ characteristics—from Columbia Heights’ gang presence to Anacostia’s high crime rates—allows you to make wise judgments.

Never forget that safety comes first. There are many beautiful sites to explore in Washington; if you plan ahead and keep this information in mind, your Evergreen State trip will be full of breathtaking scenery and treasured experiences.

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