West Virginia's Right Turn The 5 Most Conservative Cities Revealed

Political inclinations provide a clear image of West Virginia’s cultural fabric amidst the state’s harsh and undulating terrain. From Princeton’s busy avenues to Bluefield’s ancient streets, we travel through cities where the Republican spirit is a way of life rather than merely a political position.

This piece delves deeply into the conservative strongholds that are enduring symbols of the state’s core principles.

Come along as we explore West Virginia’s political terrain, learning about the narratives and data underlying the state’s most conservative cities.


With a cost of living index of 81, Princeton is 0.8 times less expensive than the national average of 100. The median property value in Princeton is $102,300, which is significantly affordable despite being lower than average.

This certainly makes homeownership more accessible to locals.

Furthermore, Princeton’s median income of $39,569 indicates that the city strikes a balance between reasonably priced housing and a modest income level for its residents. This combination might help the people living in this community have a comfortable quality of living.


With a cost of living index of 91, Buckhannon offers a more reasonably priced lifestyle than the national average.

This indicator, with 100 serving as the baseline, indicates that Buckhannon’s expenses are roughly 0.9 times cheaper than the national average.

West Virginia's Right Turn The 5 Most Conservative Cities Revealed

Moreover, many locals can afford to become homeowners thanks to the cheap $133,600 median property value. Buckhannon’s median income of $46,602 is respectable despite its affordability, giving its residents a stable economic climate.


Bluefield has an index of cost of living of 78, which indicates that its standard of living is 0.8 times lower than the national average. In spite of this, inhabitants find it to be a desirable option, with a median property value of $78,100 and a median income of $39,677.

According to these numbers, Bluefield appears to provide a more reasonably priced lifestyle than many other regions of the nation, which makes it a desirable location for people and families looking for a balance between affordability and standard of living.

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With a cost of living index of 87—0.9 times less than the national average—Beckley is a desirable choice for anyone looking for affordability.

West Virginia's Right Turn The 5 Most Conservative Cities Revealed

The housing market in Beckley provides reasonably accessible options for homeownership, with a median home value of $110,600.

The median income in Beckley is $39,845.77, which strikes a balance between prospective earnings and living expenses. This could be appealing to people and families seeking a comfortable lifestyle in a thriving town as well as financial stability.

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Huntington’s cost of living index is 84, which is 0.8 times less than the 100-point national average. Compared to many other areas, this one offers affordable housing options, with a median property value of $98,600.

Huntington’s median income of $34,351 indicates that the city strikes a balance between affordability and earning potential for its citizens, even with a reduced cost of living.

In general, Huntington portrays itself as an affordable place to live, offering options for both affordable housing and income.

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To Conclude

The conservative cities of West Virginia, such as Princeton, Buckhannon, Bluefield, Beckley, and Huntington, provide an alluring blend of low cost of living with a strong feeling of community.

These areas offer more affordable housing alternatives and a more pleasant lifestyle for their residents because to their reduced cost of living in comparison to the national average.

These cities are desirable travel destinations for people looking for an area where traditional values and economic stability coexist, especially in light of the predominance of conservative ideals.

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