Washington Police Arrest Arkansas Man Who Planned to Kayak to Philippines After Finding 6 Live Bombs

An Arkansas man was arrested last week after police discovered six homemade pipe bombs in his home, according to local news sources.

According to jail records, Lawrence Hickman, 52, was arrested on six counts of unlawful possession of explosive materials or a destructive device on Thursday.

Officers from the Bella Vista Police Department rushed to his residence on December 9 in response to a call of harassment, according to local CBS station KFSM-TV. When officers arrived, they heard from Laurel Wooten, the lady who contacted police, who said she discovered a bottle of chloroform in Hickman’s dresser, according to an arrest document obtained by KFSM-TV.

KFSM-TV claimed that police discovered six live bombs at his home.

Washington Police Arrest Arkansas Man Who Planned to Kayak to Philippines After Finding 6 Live Bombs

Neighbors informed authorities that Hickman planned to use the pipe bombs to ward off sharks and pirates while kayaking from Alaska to the Philippines.

According to KFSM-TV, neighbors claimed that Hickman raped many people. Hickman has current cases in Texas, according to the Bella Vista Police Department, but the charges have not been disclosed.

Hickman was not at home when the alleged bombs were discovered, and neighbors stated he escaped to go on a kayaking vacation to the Philippines, where his wife is.

On December 13, he was arrested in Washington state, with police alleging they found an AR-style weapon and additional ammo on him.

“It appears Lawrence was indeed attempting to flee the country based on phone conversations I overheard,” the document allegedly stated, according to KFSM-TV. “Based on witness statements, Lawrence was fleeing the country because of his upcoming trial in Texas.”

Hickman was extradited back to Arkansas, where he is being held at the Benton County Detention Center on a $1 million bail, according to local ABC station KHBS.

The arraignment of Hickman is set for January 8.

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