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Wappinger enacts moratorium on housing projects

WAPPINGER TOWN At the town board meeting on March 11, the board decided to put a stop to the building of large-scale multi-family housing projects. Following a public hearing on the subject, the town board unanimously approved the proposed restriction.

The goal of the new law, according to Town Supervisor Joseph Cavaccini, is to give the town board more time to evaluate proposed projects, existing laws, and our community’s future.

Supervisor Cavaccini emphasized that the new regulation is exclusive to the scope of large-scale housing developments and does not halt or hinder projects or applications from moving forward.

Supervisor Cavaccini defended the moratorium by pointing out that Wappinger is the second-most densely populated town in Dutchess County despite being the smallest geographical town at 28 square miles. According to data, single-family homes make up 60% of the town’s housing stock, while multi-family homes make up 40%. The town board stated, without naming the town in question, that just 10% of the homes in a neighbouring municipality is classified as multi-family.

Joseph D. Cavaccinistated, the town supervisorIt is our duty to watch out for our neighbours and make sure that our lovely Town of Wappinger has a bright future. By passing Local Law 1, we hope to protect some areas, prevent more traffic jams and crowding, and encourage new construction in locations that are creative and best serve our community. He described the ban as essential to preventing us from adding to traffic, packing our schools, and taxing our volunteer fire, ambulance, and police services.

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