Vladislav Deshkovich is accused of murdering his mother

Prosecutors said Saturday that the Brooklyn political volunteer who killed his mother stabbed her 10 times, including three times in the face. He told cops he only “punched” her, though. Inna Deshkovich, 52, was found dead in a pool of blood in her Bay Ridge apartment on Friday, according to a criminal complaint. Vladislav Deshkovich, 30, was charged with her murder and was remanded in jail during his hearing on Saturday night. Police say that the mother and son were fighting when the attack happened.

“The defendant is accused of killing his mother with a knife yesterday,” assisted Brooklyn DA Jordan Rossman during the short meeting at Brooklyn Criminal Court. “He went to his mom’s apartment and stabbed her about seven times in the face, three times in the shoulder, and once in the neck.”

It took about four hours for the younger Deshkovich to be caught in front of his flat after he ran out of the two-story house. He is said to have told police, “I punched my mother,” but Rossman said that when they showed him a picture of her, he quickly asked for a lawyer. He was charged with murder in the second degree and having a gun illegally in the fourth degree.

According to social media accounts he made, Deshkovich wanted to be in politics before he was killed. One of his political goals was to run for the state Senate. He had also worked for Ari Kagan, a Republican from Brooklyn City Council, though Kagan told The Post that he had only done that once and met him a few times.

Vladislav Deshkovich is accused of murdering his mother

This November, Kagan lost to Justin Brannan, a Democrat running for City Council. Edward Daniels, Deshkovich’s lawyer, asked for bail, saying that Deshkovich had a “lack of involvement in the criminal justice system.” Judge Archana Rao said no to that request because the charges were “very serious” and he had to stay in jail without bail.

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She agreed to safe custody and the psychological exam that Daniels asked for his client. During the hearing, Deshkovich didn’t say anything while dressed in a white Tyvek suit. A neighbour said that his girlfriend heard the mother yelling during the event.

He said, “I guess it was quick because they just stopped.” “The arguments happened all the time for years.” They would get angry and scream at each other back and forth, I think in Russian. We could hear the yelling.”

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