Visit This Creepiest Texas Hospital if You Don't Believe in Paranormal Activities

The Yorktown Memorial Hospital is a scary and mysterious place just outside of San Antonio, Texas. This 30,000-square-foot building was the only medical center outside of San Antonio for 30 years, helping people in the area and beyond. But because more than 2,000 people died while the hospital was only open for a short time, it was accused of fatal carelessness, malpractice, and even murder.

Since it was built by the Felician Sisters in 1950, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital has been a source of hope for people who need medical care. But as more and more reports of strange deaths and bad treatment came out, it was clear that something bad was going on inside. For example, there was a story about a supposed love triangle between three workers and a patient that ended in a double murder-suicide. There are still blood stains on the walls of the boiler room in the basement. It is said that a nurse’s boyfriends caught her cheating on them with a patient, which caused her to lose it and kill herself. But the hospital closed for good in 1988, leaving a history of tragedy and fear behind.

The Yorktown Memorial Hospital Hauntings

People say that the hospital’s empty rooms are haunted by the spirits of people who died there. This makes it a popular place for both thrill seekers and ghost hunters. People who have been there have said they have seen shadow figures in the halls and some have even been violently pushed, touched, or even possessed. The hospital’s manager is said to have been possessed in the past; this is said to have happened mostly in the hospital’s old church.

The basement is one of the busiest places in the hospital. People who have been there say they have seen a black mist and felt the temperature change wildly. People in the area feel like they are being watched, and many have said they feel dizzy and out of breath. Many people have seen shadow figures, black mist, aggressive EVPS, and written down words like “get out” and “you’re not safe” in the priests’ rooms in the basement during their visits.

People have heard babies crying, people screaming and moaning in pain, and even evil laughing in other parts of the hospital that they can’t explain. The chapel on the first floor is renowned for having a very dark energy. People have heard organ music and seen a malevolent shadow figure in the pews. There are claims that the chapel is haunted by ghosts and even demons and other evil spirits. It’s not a surprise that the new owner of the hospital won’t go inside anymore.

The Yorktown Memorial Hospital Visit

You can do a few different things if you’re brave enough to experience the ghost of Yorktown Memorial Hospital for yourself. The hospital is now a famous place for thrill seekers, ghost hunters, and people who are interested in the supernatural. You can go on a walk to the hospital with a guide who will tell you about its dark past and the strange things people have seen or experienced there over the years. You can also visit during one of the many events where the hospital investigates ghosts that happen all year long. But be careful—those who try to enter the hospital may not come out unscathed, because the spirits that live there are said to be very mean and cruel.

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