US Muslims Vow to Oppose Biden's

In a significant political shift, Muslim American leaders across various key states have united in opposition to President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign for 2024. This development stems from Biden’s stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict. The #AbandonBiden movement originated in Minnesota and has gained momentum in Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

The sizeable Muslim and Arab American communities, whose influence could be crucial in the Electoral College contest, are largely driving the opposition. These communities are exploring alternatives to Biden, focusing on independent candidates like Cornel West and Jill Stein, known for advocating a ceasefire in Gaza.

This collective stance reflects a broader dissatisfaction with the current administration’s foreign policy, particularly concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. US and Israeli officials, including Vice President Kamala Harris, have consistently upheld Israel’s right to self-defence. This position, however, has come under scrutiny as the conflict has led to significant casualties, with over 15,000 Palestinians and around 1,200 Israelis losing their lives since October 7​​

Us Muslims Say They Will Vote Against Biden's Re-Election

Despite acknowledging no favourable expectations from former President Donald Trump, Muslim Americans are focusing on leveraging their vote to influence US foreign policy. This strategic approach involves considering candidates other than Biden in the upcoming election.

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A recent survey has highlighted a dramatic decline in Biden’s support among Arab Americans. Since enjoying a majority backing in 2020, his support has plummeted to just 17 per cent. This shift is especially significant in battleground states like Michigan, where Arab Americans constitute 5 per cent of the electorate and where Biden had a narrow victory in the last election.

This united stand by the US Muslim community signals a critical juncture in American politics, underlining the growing influence of minority groups in shaping the country’s political landscape.

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