University of Maryland Washington Medical Center Hosts Glen Burnie Community Wellness Day

The University of Maryland Washington Medical Center recently took a proactive approach to healthcare outreach by hosting a Community Wellness Day at Marley Middle School in Glen Burnie, Maryland. This event was aimed at extending healthcare resources beyond the confines of the medical center and into the heart of Anne Arundel County’s communities.

Kathy McCollum, the president and CEO of the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center, emphasized the event’s overarching goal of raising awareness about various health-related topics among the participants.

The Community Wellness Day brought together healthcare providers who conducted blood pressure and glucose screenings, offering attendees the opportunity to receive flu shots as well.

What made this event unique was its combination of health screenings, the availability of healthy food options, and an array of family-friendly activities. This trifecta of health awareness, nourishment, and enjoyment drew a diverse crowd, including soon-to-be mother of three, Kasandra Dilks.

She expressed her gratitude for the community’s support, particularly for women, children, and infants, acknowledging the challenges of parenting.

“Having one kid is a challenge, two is a challenge, three—I don’t know yet, but it’s difficult,” Dilks said. “But to have a community that comes together to help women men babies and infants, I just think it’s wonderful.” 

Kathy McCollum echoed the sentiment of the medical center, stating that they are genuinely dedicated to creating and participating in events that have a tangible and positive impact on the community. In essence, this Community Wellness Day was not a one-off endeavor but part of a broader commitment.

McCollum also revealed that similar events are happening all over the state of Maryland, reaffirming the medical center’s dedication to reaching out to communities across the region.

“We love doing these types of events. This isn’t a one-and-done. They are happening all over the state of Maryland,” she said. 

In line with this commitment, the University of Maryland Washington Medical Center has already set its sights on the next Community Wellness Day, scheduled to take place in the coming spring.

The University of Maryland Washington Medical Center’s proactive approach is a shining example of how healthcare organizations can be more than just facilities; they can be beacons of health and wellness in the community.

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