Two Newlyweds From Florida Killed in a Double Homicide After One Week of Wedding

Officials say that over the weekend, two people who were married in Florida just last week were killed. There was a shooting in West Palm Beach early Saturday morning. When deputies arrived, they found a man and a woman dead at a home with gunshot wounds, according to the sheriff’s office. Police said at the time that they were talking to a “person of interest.”

On Monday, they said that person, 46-year-old Sony Josaphat, who used to live at the house, had been arrested on two counts of first-degree murder. He was given a public attorney and told to stay in jail without bond on his first court date on Sunday. We asked his lawyer for a response, and NBC News has heard back.

“The family has invoked Marsy’s Law for both victims,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. This means that the public will not be able to see their names. “Let’s think about and pray for them during this hard time.”

A woman who said she was the bride’s sister told NBC station WPTV of West Palm Beach that the couple had only been married for a week before they were found dead. A criminal probable cause affidavit that has been redacted shows that the shooting was in response to a targeted case of domestic abuse.

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The story says that Josaphat’s daughter called 911 on Saturday morning to say that she saw her father shoot the newlyweds. The victims were lying on the sidewalk outside the front door when the cops got there. The daughter and her brother were inside the house.

The shooting happened at a house where Josaphat hadn’t lived in more than a year, but he would sometimes show up out of the blue and was known for being “controlling,” according to the paper. The statement left out the specifics that showed how Josaphat was connected to the victims. It says that on the day of the killing, Josaphat was seen walking through the yard of the house before he came up to the victims and started shooting.

The affidavit said that Josaphat told a deputy that he felt “anger” when he saw a security camera being set up by the front door of the house where the shooting happened. “He went up to [redacted] and said, ‘Good morning.'” They replied, “Good morning.” Then Sony shot [redacted] in the head and upper body. His next move was to shoot [redacted] several times, the statement said.

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It said that he kept shooting with his Glock 17 even after they were shot. The document says that when he got to his car, he saw that his Glock magazine was empty. He then called his minister and admitted what he had done.

Then he drove to the offices of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, went into the main detention center courthouse, and turned himself in, saying that he had just killed the people.

Court records show that Josaphat had never been violent toward a partner or had a restraining order against the victims. Also, neither drugs nor alcohol were used in the killing.

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