Home Education Two Bard College professors awarded Berlin Prize

Two Bard College professors awarded Berlin Prize

Two Bard College professors awarded Berlin Prize

Bard College, located in ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, has announced that Adam Shatz, a visiting professor of the humanities, and Writer in Residence Mona Simpson have both been granted the 202425 Berlin Prize by the American Academy in Berlin, Germany.

The 202425 class of Berlin Prize fellows, chosen by an independent selection committee, consists of 24 scholars, writers, composers, and artists based in the United States who embody the pinnacles of excellence in their respective fields, ranging from the humanities and social sciences to journalism, public policy, fiction, the visual arts, and music composition. The Berlin Prize is given out every year and gives its recipients the freedom to pursue significant artistic and scholarly endeavors without being constrained by other work-related responsibilities.

Throughout the semester, fellows collaborate with colleagues in Berlin and organizations within the Academy’s established network, creating deep connections that eventually result in long-lasting collaborations across the Atlantic. The mainstay of the Academy’s public program consists of lectures, readings, and performances given by fellows to German audiences.

The Great Man, So-Called, a novel centered on two women in the life of the iconic American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt—his wife Eleanor, from whom he was deeply estranged, and Francis Perkins, his secretary of labor and the first woman to hold that position—will be worked on by Bard Writer in Residence Mona Simpson during her fall 2024 Berlin Prize fellowship.

Bard Visiting Professor of the Humanities Adam Shatz will work on his book project, Worlds They Have Not Told You Of: Adventures in Creative Music, during his spring 2025 Berlin Prize fellowship. This comprehensive history of the post-World War II Black music avant-garde combines biographical portraiture, criticism, and history to trace the musical routes of sonic exploration and creative self-determination from bebop to free jazz to the present.

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