Trump Will not Testify Again at New York Civil Fraud Trial

Donald Trump said on social media that he didn’t want to speak again in his New York civil fraud trial because he “VERY SUCCESSFULLY & CONCLUSIVELY” did so last month and didn’t see any reason to do it again.

It was thought that Trump would go back to the stand on Monday as the last major defense witness in the case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. People think of Trump as a great businessman, but this case puts his real estate empire at risk. In a multipart, all-caps statement on his Truth Social site, Trump said he was canceling his testimony: “I WILL NOT BE TESTIFYING ON MONDAY.”

Writing, “I HAVE ALREADY TESTIFIED TO EVERYTHING & HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAY,” Trump said what he often says: that James and other Democrats have used the court system against him in order to stop him from winning the White House again.

When Trump testified on Nov. 6, he was often rude and angry. He fought with the judge many times, calling her an “extremely hostile judge” and calling James “a political hack.” He also defended his wealth and denied doing anything wrong.

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Trump talked back and forth with state lawyers for three and a half hours, often going on long rants. Arthur Engoron, the judge, got annoyed with his long answers and told him, “This is not a political rally.”

When Trump went back on the stand on Monday, his lawyers would have been in charge of asking him, but lawyers from the other side could have cross-examined him. James sued Trump last year because she said he was tricking banks, insurance companies, and other people by lying about his wealth on financial documents.

Before the trial, Engoron said that Trump and the other accused were guilty of fraud. He told a receiver to take over some Trump properties, but an appeals court has stopped that from happening.

The judge is now looking at six more claims, such as those of conspiracy and insurance theft. James wants Trump to be fined more than $300 million and not be able to do business in New York.

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One of Trump’s lawyers said that he has been adamant about speaking again lately, even though he has been fined for criticizing the judge’s law clerk on previous occasions when he went to the courthouse to watch.

Alina Habba, Trump’s lawyer, said that she had told him not to take the stand because of the gag order. When he testified in November, he was also under the same gag order.

Habba told reporters last week, “He still wants to take the stand, even though I think you should never take the stand with a gag order at this point.” That’s because he is so strongly against what is going on in this court and for the old America that we know, not this America. He will take that stand on Monday.”

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