Trump Now on TikTok: A Twist After Past Ban Attempt

While many in his party are criticizing TikTok and demanding that its parent business, which is based in China, divest, former President Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday night that he has joined the platform.

A 13-second video that seems to have been shot during the UFC event in New Jersey that Trump attended on Saturday was his debut post on the platform. President of the UFC Dana White joins Trump in the opening scene and declares, “The president is now on TikTok.”

The TikTok turns to a montage showing the former president interacting with supporters at the arena. “It’s my honor,” Trump replies.

“That was a good walk on, right?” In the final moments of the video, Trump says.

The action on Saturday differs greatly from Trump’s stance a few years ago, when he signed an executive order that would have outlawed TikTok in the United States. The court stopped the decree.

The 2020 executive order signed by Trump stated, “To protect our national security, the United States must take aggressive action against the owners of TikTok.”

In March, Trump changed his mind and came out in favor of banning TikTok, claiming that doing so would increase usage of rival social media apps like Facebook, which he had previously lambasted.

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However, a lot of Republicans continue to strongly oppose TikTok, and even after he came out against a ban, Trump did admit that he thought the app posed a threat to national security.

A bill that would outlaw TikTok was signed into law by President Joe Biden in April, albeit not right away. The Act began a nine-month clock that ByteDance had to sell the app inside to avoid being banned from TikTok in the United States.

In the meantime, Biden’s campaign has a TikTok account and will probably keep uploading videos there since the potential ban won’t take effect until after the election.

Only a few weeks have passed since Make America Great Again Inc., the super PAC that supports Trump, downloaded the app.

According to an internal examination of the app by the New York Times last month, even before Trump joined TikTok, the app has seen nearly twice as many pro-Trump posts as pro-Biden posts since November.


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