Tornado in Clarksville

The tornado touched down in northern parts of Clarksville on Saturday afternoon, crossed I-24 around mile markers 1 and 2, and moved into Kentucky and out of Montgomery County. The tornado caused severe damage in the area, resulting in six fatalities and leaving thousands without power

The tornado was reported to have struck just after 4 p.m. with winds estimated at 200 miles per hour. The National Weather Service said the tornado ripped apart a 5-block area of downtown Clarksville and damaged at least 22 buildings at Austin Peay State University. Several historic churches were also damaged. A total of 124 buildings were destroyed and 562 buildings were damaged. The damage totaled $72.7 million.

Tornado in Clarksville

The tornado left a trail of destruction in its wake, with homes and businesses destroyed, and many people left homeless and out of work. The Montgomery County Court House was in ruins, and the Leaf-Chronicle newspaper office was severely damaged. The National Guard and FEMA were called in to help.

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The tornado was a reminder of the destructive power of nature and the importance of being prepared for such events. It is essential to have an emergency plan in place and to be aware of the risks in your area. The National Weather Service provides information on how to prepare for severe weather, including tornadoes, on its website.

The tornado that hit Clarksville, Tennessee, was a devastating event that caused severe damage and fatalities. It is important to remember the victims and to take steps to prepare for future severe weather events.

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