Top 5 Most Dangerous Places in Michigan You Should Know About

Michigan, which is frequently praised for its stunning scenery and the magnificent Great Lakes, has a darker side that is frequently hidden.

There are places where the light of security and safety wanes in the shadows of its beauty. Here, we explore some of the riskiest areas in Michigan.

By shedding light on the cities in this state that are dealing with high rates of crime and safety issues, this article hopes to arm readers with the knowledge they need to proceed cautiously across these dangerous waters.

Come along as we explore the areas of Michigan where being watchful is not only advised but also essential.


The most hazardous city in Michigan is Detroit, which has a startling crime rate of 6,389 per 100,000 residents—a 170% increase over the national average.

At 1,392 robberies, 11,096 assaults, and 252 homicides were reported in Detroit in 2023—a city with 635,000 residents. The city has high rates of crime due to gang activity, significant gun violence, and difficult economic conditions.

Muskegon Heights

At 5,390 per 100,000 residents, Muskegon Heights has a far higher crime rate than the national average. The town has 10,730 residents.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Places in Michigan You Should Know About

The frequency of violent and property crimes is disproportionately high in this city. Problems that are especially concerning are those like house invasions and gun violence.

While there are numerous obstacles to overcome because of socioeconomic inequality and resource constraints, law enforcement agencies and community leaders are collaborating to enhance safety.

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At 3,662 per 100,000 persons, Saginaw’s violent crime rate is 99% greater than the national average. The city has 49,892 citizens. Its problems with crime are exacerbated by high percentages of poverty (34.85%) and a past of industrial collapse.

The city faces a high rate of property and violent crimes, including frequent auto theft and break-ins. There are continuous initiatives to boost the local economic and educational systems in an effort to lower crime rates and enhance the standard of living.

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Benton Harbor

With 8,892 citizens, Benton Harbor is a small community with a concerning crime rate of 6,365 per 100,000, which is 169% higher than the national average.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Places in Michigan You Should Know About

There have been 285 attacks, 11 robberies, and 2 murders reported in the last year. The high crime rates in the city are a result of the high levels of poverty—the average yearly income of a resident is only $32,236—and the scarcity of employment options.

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With 75,834 residents, Kalamazoo has a crime rate of 6,018 per 100,000. This puts it among the most hazardous cities in Michigan, with a rate 164% higher than the national average.

There were reports of 873 assaults, 137 robberies, and 14 killings in 2023 alone. The city has severe poverty and unemployment rates, both of which have a big impact on the city’s criminal issues.

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To Conclude

There is no denying Michigan’s beauty, but be cautious when traveling through some of its cities. High rates of crime plague Kalamazoo, Saginaw, Benton Harbor, Detroit, and Muskegon Heights. Being aware of these regions and the common criminal activity will help you make wise selections.

You may greatly increase your safety when traveling Michigan at night by being vigilant, being cautious, and avoiding these dangerous places. Recall that being prepared can make all the difference in ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip to Michigan.

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