Top 5 Ice Cream Spots in New York City

Each person has an opinion about ice cream. Gelato made from the milk of a certain breed of Italian cow is the only kind that some people will eat. Others like it more decadent, like a dish with seven toppings, and yes, gummy bears are one of them.

We had no choice but to try them all, of course. That’s a really tough job. We’re sure that these 14 ice cream shops in NYC are the best because we’ve tried so many giandiua cones, mint chocolate chip cups, and perfectly made banana splits.

Let’s Talk About the Best Ice Cream Spots in New York

Caffè Panna

Caffe Panna quickly became a hit in New York City for a good reason. This is our favorite place for a special treat because the whipped cream is made from imported Italian dairy and the fruit is fresh from the Union Square farmer’s market. The tastes change every week, so it’s always something new. It’s not easy to decide what to get here, so you might leave the walk-up window with a cup of pistachio fig affogato that has been decorated or an almond Oreo sundae that is loosely based on Italian tri-color cookies.

Biddrina Gelato

Biddrina is a gelato cart right next to Locanda Vini e Olii in Clinton Hill. The same people run it every day, weather allowing. It will be great to eat any of the creative tastes that change often, like turmeric and amarena cherries, crema with marmalade, or plant-based halva and honey. But the bright orange melon ice cream is better than all the other fruity ice creams. You might even hear a gasp. Every restaurant should have a gelato cart outside, the world would be a tasty place.

Eddie’s Sweet Shop

The oldest ice cream shop in New York City is Eddie’s Sweet Shop. It looks like an old ice cream shop with chandeliers, old wallpaper, and a candy bar that looks like it belongs in a pharmacy. People probably thought, “How cute!” when they visited this Forest Hills spot even back in the 1950s. The ice cream is also very old-fashioned. It comes in big, dense scoops of classic tastes like vanilla chips and chocolate. The Banana Royal is a huge cone of ice cream topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. If you like sundaes, this one will make you feel like you just won a spelling bee in grade school.

L’Albero dei Gelati

The umbrella over L’Albero dei Gelati has heart-shaped cutouts with words like “All Natural” and “No Artificial Flavors” writing on them. Parents from Park Slope love this place, and it also has some of the best gelato in the city. Sometimes you have to wait in line behind a smarter child and the president of the PTA on a hot summer night. But the PTA chatter is hot, and the tall cone of gianduia and stracciatella at the other end will be better than any dinner you had.

Sugar Hill Creamery

If we did give prizes for ice cream names, Sugar Hill Creamery’s flavors like “Buggin’ Out” would probably win something. This is the kind of malted vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered Rice Krispies and raspberry coulis that you want all over your face on a hot Harlem day. You could also try the peach pie, blueberry cheesecake, or strawberry with basil and lemon curd ice cream at this kid-friendly bar. Their flavors change with the seasons, so check their website to see what’s out there.

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