Tiffany Haddish Will Have to Face Misdemeanor Charges in Los Angeles DUI Case

People website can confirm that Tiffany Haddish will be charged with two misdemeanors for reportedly falling asleep at the wheel of a car. Police in Beverly Hills were called to a call about a woman who was stopped in the middle of Beverly Drive with her car running early on November 24. The 44-year-old comic was then arrested.

TMZ says that Haddish had played at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood the night before as part of the venue’s free Thanksgiving dinner.

People were told by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday that the Girls Trip star was charged with one misdemeanor count of driving while drunk and another misdemeanor count of driving with a blood alcohol level of.08%. Her trial and plea hearing are set for December 22.

Haddish discussed the situation during a stand-up show she had already scheduled at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach, California, according to a tape that TMZ obtained from an audience member.

Haddish is asked something about what happened “last night” on the tape, and she jokes, “You tell me.” She says, “I had prayed to God to send me a man with a job and a career, preferably in a uniform, and I answered my prayers.” After being arrested in Georgia in January 2022 for a possible DUI and stopping illegally on a road, the story came out.

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“After further investigation, Ms. Tiffany Haddish was arrested for driving under the influence,” the cops told PEOPLE at the time. “She was transported to the Fayette County Jail without incident.” Haddish said to Entertainment Tonight on November 27 that she is “going to get some help so I can learn balance and boundaries.”

She told the news organization that when the police arrived, her Tesla was blocking the street after she had fallen asleep. The actress from “Here Today” also said she was happy and praised how the Beverly Hills police handled the case.

Haddish wrote an Instagram post about herself on her 44th birthday earlier this month. In it, she said, “I’m ready for the next chapter in my life.” In her second book, I Curse You With Joy, the actress will talk about her life. The book will be a mix of essays and stories and will come out in May 2024 from Diversion Books.

What an exciting ride it’s been for me with fame! I can’t wait to share my story with my readers and show them that fame doesn’t make me less human. “This new book is about how I find joy in the hardest things in life,” Haddish told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview.

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