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Three in custody after Hopewell Amazon warehouse melee

Three in custody after Hopewell Amazon warehouse melee

EST FINSKILL After fighting broke out at the Route 52 location on Thursday night, three Amazon workers who are stationed at the East Fishkill warehouse were placed under arrest by the police. A former employee was said to have entered the premises, cut a male employee with a knife, and then left the scene. This prompted multiple police agencies to come to the location. Sources claim that the violent conduct spread panic and terror throughout the premises.

On February 1, the incident happened shortly after 7 p.m.

With the help of other law enforcement agencies, the East Fishkill police department swiftly responded, securing the building and launching a search for the suspect—a black male with light skin who was carrying a switchblade knife—who had been described.

After police declared the area secure, numerous emergency medical services ambulances were called to the scene. Several workers who suffered minor injuries during the stampede of workers attempting to flee the reported violence were attended to by emergency medical services. It is thought that one worker experienced a seizure and was sent to a nearby hospital to receive medical attention.

The man who was first said to have had a knife wound to his hand was examined for what an eyewitness at the scene said was a small scratch on his hand, no larger than a fingernail wound. The victim declined to receive medical attention.

At first, it was stated that the attacker was a former worker for Amazon at the site. A source claims that the preliminary police inquiry indicates that the suspect is a current employee and is acquainted with the victim. According to the source, who spoke with Mid-Hudson News, the two female employees who were arrested brought the attacker to the area and then made an effort to assist him in getting away before the police came. The arrested suspect joined the two women in police custody.

The inquiry is still on. Please call 845-221-2111 to report any information to the East Fishkill Police Department.

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