This Washington City is Most Overworked City in US

Millions of Americans have resigned from their employment since the beginning of 2021, giving rise to the colloquial term “Great Resignation.” A considerable number of these employees resign in pursuit of higher compensation, greater flexibility in working remotely, or simply improved treatment. During the pandemic, some older workers retired early, while others quit their employment to remain at home with their families.

As younger cohorts persist in raising consciousness regarding professional boundaries through discussions of “work-life balance,” “quiet quitting,” and “four-day work weeks,” inquiries emerge regarding the employees most susceptible to exhaustion.

FinancialBuzz, a website for financial planners and analysts, found that among the 50 largest cities in the United States, Washington, D.C. had the highest rank for the most exhausted residents. This was followed by Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado.

How We Selected These Cities?

  • Weekly average number of working hours: The average length of a weekday is forty hours. Where in the United States do individuals work above-average hours?
  • The average commute time is considerable, as it further extends the duration of the workweek. Which metropolitan areas require the longest commutes to and from work?
  • The proportion of households in which two or more individuals are employed: How many households have at least one member employed full-time?
  • Distribution of employees who put in 50 weeks or more annually: Numerous full-time employees are granted designated holidays off in addition to a predetermined paid time-off policy. But for the preponderance of the year, how many remain in the office or on the clock?
  • Percentage of employed individuals aged 65 and older: How many continue to labor beyond the standard retirement age?
  • Percentage of state employees in each municipality who hold two or more jobs: How many Americans, when their primary employment fails, have turned to a second job?
  • The ratio of employees engaging in a secondary hustle: A person’s schedule may not be conducive to an entirely distinct second job, but it may be amenable to a side hustle that generates extra cash. Beyond their full-time employment, how many individuals are engaging in a side hustle?


Millions of Americans have resigned since 2021, leading to the term “Great Resignation.” Many seek higher compensation, remote work flexibility, or improved treatment. FinancialBuzz found Washington, D.C. had the highest number of exhausted residents among the 50 largest cities. Factors such as working hours, commute time, household size, and retirement age contribute to this trend.

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