This Utah City Ranked as the Most Affordable City in the Western U.S.

The rising cost of living is putting stress on millions of people across the country, but there are still some places where people can relax because they are affordable. One city in Utah is thought to be one of the most affordable.

The MarketWatch Guides Team did a study this year that looked at how cheap cities are across the country. They found that Ogden is the most affordable city in the Western U.S. and the only city in the top 30 overall.

In this study, the cost of living in 223 of the largest towns in the U.S. was ranked by income, housing, transportation, and other factors. Based on this study, Ogden was ranked as the 18th most affordable city in the whole country.

An unemployment rate of 2.7%, a median home price of $368,000, and a median family income of $76,037 were all found in the study.

As for rent, Ogden is one of only 22 places where the average rent is less than $1,000. As of May 2023, Zillow showed that the average rent in Ogden was $944. Also, of the towns on the list, Ogden had the cheapest grocery prices, 17.9% less than the national average.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, is the most affordable city in the country in 2023. Groceries there cost 15% less than the national rate, and the median monthly rent is only $870.

The study shows that rent across the country is almost $2,000 a month, which is almost 36% more than it was five years ago when it was $1,469 a month.

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