This Tennessee City is Dangerous to Live Because of It's Very High Crime Rates

A lot of people think that big towns like Nashville and Knoxville are the most dangerous places in Tennessee. But the numbers show that the most dangerous places are not in Tennessee’s biggest cities.

We looked at the most recent FBI crime report to find out how much violence and property crime there was in every city with more than 5,000 people. The crime rates in 95 Tennessee cities were looked at so that you can make an educated choice about where to live in The Volunteer State. People who live in Tennessee’s most dangerous areas are used to it. This is the fifth most dangerous state in the USA.

The state has 375 law enforcement groups with about 16,000 police officers, but they can only be in certain places at once. These changes are now being felt in bigger towns like Chattanooga and Memphis.

This is not about speeding through Jackson or jumping the fence at Graceland. This is about the crime that gets you jail time. The information below is very important if you want to move to Tennessee or if you already live there and want to try something new.

Memphis is the Most Crime Rated City in Tennessee

Memphis is the most dangerous place in Tennessee, but Memphis is the city with the most crime. Memphis has one of the worst rates of severe crime in the state and the country. It is over 400% higher than the national average.

Elvis would probably be rolling over in his grave right now because of how bad things are in Memphis. In 2021, 306 people were killed in the city, which was the highest rate in the state. There was a 1 in 41 chance that a resident would be the target of a property crime.

Unfortunately, the bad news keeps coming. In 2021, 4,970 cars were stolen in Memphis, making it the third most burglarized city in Tennessee. The city had an average of over ten property crimes every day. Not only that, but Memphis had almost one fire case every day, which was by far the highest rate on this list.

Population: 649,444
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 2,430 (Most dangerous)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,278 (Fourth most dangerous)

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