This South Carolina City is the Most Expensive US Destination

A new poll shows that Charleston, South Carolina, the ancient port city, is the most expensive place to stay in the spring in the United States. According to a poll in May of this year to find the best deals on hotels in popular U.S. areas. The study only looked at properties with three stars or more ratings that were close to a beach or city center.

Most of the double rooms in Charleston cost $358 per night, which is pretty cheap. Lahaina and Wailea, two vacation towns in Hawaii, had the second and third most expensive rates, at $338 and $312 per night, respectively.

With an average rate of $294 per night, Anna Maria Island, Florida, was ranked fifth on the list of the most expensive places to visit. With an average rate of $290 per night, Napa and its nearby town Calistoga were the most expensive places to visit in California.

It looks like prices this year are less than they were in the spring of 2022. One of the cheapest rooms in Charleston cost $374 last spring, which is $16 more than it costs this year. The rates have gone down even more in some places.

The poll found that the average hotel rates in the 20 most expensive spring vacation spots went down by 11%. This means that fewer people are looking for hotel rooms than they were in the spring of 2022 when rates went through the roof because the economy was so slow in 2020 and 2021 because of COVID-19 limits.

Here is a list of the 10 most expensive places to visit in the US this spring. The prices shown next to each location are the average cost of the cheapest double room that will be available from May 1–31, 2023.

  • Charleston (South Carolina), $358
  • Lahaina, Hawaii $338
  • Kihei (Hawaii) $312
  • Wailea, Hawaii $301
  • Anna Maria Island, Florida $294

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