This Oklahoma Town is Known as the Creepiest Ghost Town in the Entire State

If you like scary and creepy adventures, Oklahoma is the perfect place for you. Pretty scary is the dead town of Picher, which is just outside of Tulsa. What’s left is a real ghost town, with buildings falling apart and rusty machines just ready to be explored by brave people who want to feel something exciting. Do you think we’re lying? I’m sorry, not on this one. That town is the most dangerous in the United States. If you do decide to go there, know that we warned you first.

Watch the movie below by BunnyPlaysHere on YouTube to get an idea of what you’ll be seeing when you make your trip. There are also many strange and scary stories about this town, like the story of a strange creature that lives in the nearby woods and reports of seeing ghostly figures going through empty homes at night. It is hard to say for sure if these stories are new urban legends or real stories. The most unsettling thing about this town is how far away it is from everyone else. The only sounds you can hear are birds and other wild animals. Going into this world is like going into a whole different one. It’s both scary and exciting at the same time.

In the end, Picher, Oklahoma is one of the most interesting dead towns in the United States. It has a strange and creepy atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else. It also has an interesting past. This ghost town is the place to go if you want an adventure that will really get under your skin! If you’re brave, come see and look around Picher’s empty buildings today. If you have been to this scary dead town before, please share your story in the comments! Is anyone brave enough to go exploring at night?

The Parallel Forest in the Wichita Mountains is another scary place to visit in Oklahoma. It was built by the government as a test to see how to deal with the effects of the Dust Bowl. Over 16 acres were used to plant over 20,000 red cedar trees, each one placed exactly 6 feet apart from the next. People say it’s cursed, and it is a very creepy place to visit.

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