This Oklahoma City is the Most Isolated And Remote Towns in the Entire State

Not sure about you, but the thought of getting away to the most rural spot in Oklahoma right now sounds pretty good to us. We can wait, of course. There is a small town called Kenton in the extreme western part of Oklahoma. This area is called the “Panhandle.” The town is the entrance to Black Mesa State Park, but there are only 17 people living there, so there’s not much going on. Don’t let that stop you from going, though.

Kenton, Oklahoma, has a lot to offer. At night, it has some of the clearest stars in the country, and it’s a great place to get away from the city. The small town of Kenton is near the border between New Mexico and Colorado at the tip of the Panhandle. It’s about six hours from Oklahoma City. Black Mesa State Park starts and ends in this town, which is also the only one in Oklahoma that follows Mountain Time. Because the town is so small, the US Postal Office is in a trailer that has been turned into a house.

Before you come here, you should definitely stock up on goods. You need to be ready because you never know what will be open. It’s so far away that people have called the town “No Man’s Land.” But it’s so beautiful and quiet! Black Mesa State Park is about 10 miles southeast of Kenton. It has beautiful views, big mesas, lots of climbing trails, and a calm lake. Additionally, there are some bed and breakfasts in the area, so if you don’t want to camp, there are some public places to stay the night.

This is the best spot to get away from the liveliness of the city and experience the rough side of the Wild West. Just remember to fill up with gas, bring extra supplies, and get ready for a quiet, relaxed getaway.

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