This North Carolina City is the Worst City for Renters

Now is not at all the best time to buy a home because interest rates and home prices are going through the roof. But rent is also going up very quickly. When I renewed my rent in Charlotte, it went up by $200 a month. The prices are getting crazy, but they are still lower than most in the city. This is especially true given where I am. Right now, it’s hard to say whether to rent or buy. But if you live in Greensboro, North Carolina, renting might not be the best option. The triad city was ranked as the 19th worst in the country for renters. This is what the publication’s “Best Cities For Renters Of 2023” says.

Forbes Advisor looked at the 96 U.S. towns with the most people to make this list. After that, they compared the towns based on 23 factors that renters care about. In this list were average rental prices and unit sizes for one- and two-bedroom apartments, as well as the number of residents who are “rent burdened” and the change in prices from one year to the next. Dog-friendliness, services, and crime rates were some of the other things that were looked at. In the end, this information showed that there was only one North Carolina city that was best for rentals and one that was worst.

That being said, why is Greensboro so bad? At first look, a rent price of $1,112 seems very appealing. That price is much better than what I pay in Charlotte. Also, I know that my rent is still pretty low for the city. Over half of renters spend at least 30% of their income on rent, which is bad for the city. Okay, that does make me think…

What about the good? Durham is the best place in North Carolina for renters. They came in 18th place on this list. But if you want to get even more for your money, you might want to look at the Southwest. The top spots on this list went to Chandler and Gilbert, Arizona. Third, they stayed in the area, in Henderson, Nevada.

The Rat Race City of North Carolina

There are many good things about living in the city. There’s a “rat race” of sorts, traffic, people, work, and growth. It’s not just a figure of speech either. Rats and mice often live in big towns. If I remember correctly, I’ve only ever seen a rat on the street once, even though I’ve been to many big towns and lived in one my whole life. It took place in Boston. At least I haven’t seen any in North Carolina, which makes me very happy. They have to be here, though. This year, Orkin just put out its list of the rattiest towns, and North Carolina was definitely on it.

Three towns in the state, all of which are big, made it into the top 50. Given the big jumps every city in North Carolina made, that’s not really a surprise. One city in North Carolina that just joined the list saw the biggest jump of any place in the country. Not only that, but another place in NC saw a jump of 16 spots, which was the second biggest. The only city on the list in South Carolina and the other city in North Carolina both saw big jumps, which means there were more rats.

So where did this list really come from? Professionals in pest control Every year, Orkin puts out the data, which is based on how many new rodent treatments were done in each area. The year on the list includes treatments that took place from September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2023. It includes repairs that are done on both homes and businesses.


Rent prices are increasing rapidly, making it difficult to decide whether to rent or buy a home. Greensboro, North Carolina, ranks 19th worst for renters in the country, according to Forbes Advisor’s “Best Cities For Renters Of 2023.” Durham is the best place for renters, while the Southwest offers better deals. Orkin’s list of the rattiest towns in North Carolina shows three big cities, all of which are big, making it a potentially dangerous city. The data comes from pest control professionals and includes new rodent treatments from September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2023.

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