This New York City is Known as the Drunkest City Ever

That city was just named the “drunkest” in New York State. It’s not New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse, or Rochester, either.

According to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 19.8 percent of Americans, or one in six people, drink too much. Researchers found the metropolitan area with the highest rate of heavy or binge drinking in each state and used that information to figure out which city is the “drunkest.”

Because they are so crowded and drunk, you would think that New York’s biggest towns would have a good chance of winning. Over 8,000 bars are thought to exist in New York City, which is a crazy number. There are also a lot of bars and liquor shops in Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester. But 24/7 Wall Street says there is a small city that is better than all of them.

The Drunkest City of New York

Glens Falls is the big winner this year. The Adirondacks Balloon Festival and other outdoor activities in this Warren County city are known all over the country. There are many parks, sports fields, and other places to play in this city that are meant to get people moving. On the other hand, it looks like their livers are making progress.

It was found that 22.3% of people over 18 say they drink too much, which is a lot more than the state average of 17.6%. It’s so low that New York has the 19th fewest heavy drinkers in the country.

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The study also looked at how many deadly accidents in that metropolitan area were caused by alcohol. It found that 19.6% of those accidents were fatal. This is slightly less than the state average of 20.2%, which is the fourth lowest rate in the country.

Their official information is shown below:

  • Drunkest metro area: Glens Falls
  • Adults who drink excessively: 22.3% (Statewide: 17.6% – 19th lowest)
  • Countywide driving deaths involving alcohol: 19.6% (Statewide: 20.2% – 4th lowest)
  • Glens Falls population: 126,440

This holiday season, it’s more important than ever to be careful on the road. 190 people were killed and more than 13,300 were hurt by drunk drivers on Thanksgiving Day in 2021.

No matter how close you are, police want to warn people that it is never okay to drink and drive. Authorities say that if you are drunk, you should call an Uber, a taxi, or an authorized driver for a ride.

Residents who plan to drive in the evening are being warned by police to be extra careful because drunk driving accidents happen more often at night. It was found that more than four times as many fatal crashes involving drivers happened at night as during the day.

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Unstable driving, changing speeds, and tailgating are all signs that someone is drunk and sharing the road with you. Going off the road, swerving between lanes, and stopping suddenly and without warning. Please call the cops if you think someone is driving while drunk. Someone’s life could be saved if you say something.

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