This New Hampshire Town is the Most Peaceful Place to Live In

There isn’t much going on in New Hampshire’s small towns. A lot of people choose this way of life to get away from the busy towns in the state. Things might not be as nice in these places as they are in cities, but that’s part of the point: take your time and enjoy life more. I’m used to living in busy places, so I like a slower pace. This town in the Lakes Region is one of the calmest in New Hampshire.

Gilmanton was founded in 1727 and was first called Gilmantown. The Gilman family, who were given land here, gave the area its name. The town is home to the 455-acre Crystal Lake. It is where the Suncook River starts, and water from the nearby Belknap Mountains flows into it. The village of Gilmanton Iron Works is near the eastern end of town.

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It was said that Gilmanton inspired the famous book Peyton Place, which was later turned into a movie.

Gilmanton Academy is an old school house that was built in 1894 and is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

The Smith Meeting House is an old church that was built in 1840. It was named for Isaac Smith, who was the town’s first minister.

Built around 1826, the Centre Congregational Church on Province Road is one of the area’s best-preserved late Federal-period buildings.

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Gilmanton is a great example of one of the most peaceful places in New Hampshire. It has a quaint New England feel to it. One of the best parts of my drive is going through Gilmanton, which I do a lot.

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