This Nebraska City Has the Worst Drivers in The Nation, Study Finds!

You’ve probably seen them: those famous Omaha drivers if you’ve ever been behind the wheel in Omaha. Many times, they act a little mean, and protective, and sometimes do not pay attention. And that’s not just what we think; car insurance platform QuoteWizard looked at drivers in the 70 biggest towns in the United States and found that Omaha has the worst drivers in the country. Wait, let’s do that backward. That was last year. Now, one year later, Omaha, Nebraska is ranked 25th on the list of bad driving cities. Omaha, you did great! Kind of. The Nebraska Worst Drivers Club still has a lot of members.

More than 487,000 people live in Nebraska’s biggest city, and the metro area is home to more than a million more. The city has been growing steadily for decades. Along with the rise in people, there are now more drivers on the roads. QuoteWizard looked at accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations (like not stopping for a red light) to find the places with the best and worst drivers.

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For Omaha, the number of DUIs was still the worst thing about it. Omaha was in 14th place on the list. Last year, more DUIs happened in Omaha than in any of the other 70 towns that were looked at for this study. That’s a big step forward, even though the problem is still there.

Even though things are getting better, it’s scary that DUIs are happening more often during the day. A local news station interviewed a deputy from Douglas County in 2021 and found that the number of people caught for drunk driving has been going up over the past few years.

Citations were where Omaha made the most progress. In 2021, it was ranked #7 out of 70 towns. That spot went to number 44 in 2022.

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“The Big O” had 21 crashes and 37 speeding tickets, making it #21 on the list. We definitely thought it would have ranked higher for speeding!

Over the last year, Omaha’s driving records have gotten a lot better. Maybe next year we can aim for the top 25 BEST driving towns list.

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