This is the Poorest Town of Louisiana According to Latest Report

A source says that Louisiana is the second poorest state in the US. Even worse, the U.S. Census Bureau says Urania is the poorest town in the whole country, not just Louisiana. The average income in Urania is only $12,358 a year, and 40.4% of people there live in poverty.

New studies show that someone who learns at home and makes less than $14,580 a year is living below the poverty line. In the United States, about 13% of people live below the poverty line. There are about 334,475,000 people living in the world, which is 42 million people. With 4.5 million people, Louisiana has a pretty big population. About 845,000 people in the area live in poverty. This is about 18.65% of the population. The state is still having problems with low pay, high unemployment, high taxes, and other things.

Urania: The Poorest Town in Louisiana

Urania is in Louisiana’s LaSalle Parish. The number of people living in the small town is going down. The last census showed that there were about 700 people living there. The close-knit town is full of life and is right in the middle of The Pelican State. You can do a lot of things outside, like fishing, shooting, and camping in state parks close by. The town is the perfect example of how people live in a small town.

Why is Urania the Poorest Town in Louisiana?

The South has a lot of poor people, as you can see from the list of the 10 poorest states in the U.S. Because of this, it has always been higher in the South than in the North. In the United States, many small towns in the south, like Urania, are in the same situation. A lot of places used to depend on industries like steel or coal mining, but these industries are leaving these towns. Either the business went away or the country found a cheaper way to get the resources it needs.

This means that these small towns don’t have enough resources and people can’t easily find work. Many southern towns have a long history of unfair treatment of black and poor people. Once more, these issues are made worse by the loss of business in the area.

People who live in small, poor towns like Urania often have less schooling than the national average. These people may not be going to school because they have to work blue-collar jobs to support their families at young ages or because they don’t see the point because unemployment is so high in the area. Then, a job that pays less is often linked to someone with less schooling. Only 5.4% of adults in Urania had a bachelor’s degree or better. About 35% of people in the country have earned a bachelor’s degree.

The Economy of Urania

A little more than 200 people work in Urania’s business. These are the town’s biggest businesses:

  • Healthcare and Social Assistance
  • Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and gas Extraction
  • Manufacturing

At $61,042, the Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction industries make the most. Even though this is true, it still makes a big difference in poverty. Price changes within the industry and a lack of growth outside of the industry as an economic driver are to blame for this. The state of Louisiana uses a lot of fossil fuels.

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