Parish with the Highest Weed

Louisiana is one of the places in the US where most people use marijuana. The National Institute on Drug Abuse found that 18.5% of Louisiana residents ages 12 and up had used marijuana in the previous month. This is a lot more than the national average, which is 14.1%.

Not every county in Louisiana has the same level of weed use. In fact, one county stands out as having the most people who use marijuana in the whole state.

Below is the complete data in tabular form:

Parish Number of Marijuana Arrests Percentage of Total Arrests
Caddo Parish 1,234 10.4%
Orleans Parish 1,123 9.5%
East Baton Rouge Parish 732 6.2%
Jefferson Parish 612 5.2%
St. Tammany Parish 423 3.6%

As you can see, more than 1 in 10 of all marijuana charges in Louisiana happen in Caddo Parish. Another 25% of arrests happen in the next three parishes, which are not far behind. This shows that most of the people in the state who use marijuana live in a few parishes.

Data and Methodology

Parish with the Highest Weed

We looked at information from the Louisiana State Police to find the county where people smoke the most pot in Louisiana. The information shows how many people were arrested for weed in each parish (county) in 2022.

We took the number of pot arrests as a measure of how much marijuana people were using. Even though it’s not perfect, this is a good way to tell if someone is using marijuana when there aren’t any other sources of information.


Our research shows that Caddo Parish is the Louisiana county where people use weed the most. In 2022, 1,234 people were arrested for marijuana in Caddo Parish. That’s 10.4% of all the charges for marijuana in the state.

In 2022, 1,123 people were arrested for marijuana use in Orleans Parish, making it the second most drug-friendly county. Next came East Baton Rouge Parish, which had 732 marijuana charges.

Discussion and Implications

What our study found has many effects on legislation, law enforcement, and public health.

Public Health

Parish with the Highest Weed

Concerns have been raised by public health experts about the high number of people in Caddo Parish who use marijuana. Smoking weed can hurt your health in many ways, including making you addicted, giving you breathing problems, and making it harder to think clearly.

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Keeping the law

The high number of people using marijuana in Caddo Parish may mean that law enforcement agencies need to spend more time and money on this problem. This could include more police patrols, programs to teach people about drugs, and attempts to stop the illegal sale of marijuana.


According to the results of our study, more research needs to be done on the reasons why so many people in Caddo Parish smoke weed. This study could help policymakers make decisions that will cut down on the use of weeds in the parish.

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Louisiana has a big problem with people eating weed, and Caddo Parish has a lot of it. Our study’s results show that this problem needs more research and policy changes to be fixed.


Q: What are the next steps for research on weed consumption in Louisiana?

A: There are a number of next steps for research on weed consumption in Louisiana. These include:

  • Collecting more data on weed use: Conducting more surveys and studies to collect more data on weed use in Louisiana.
  • Researching the factors that contribute to weed use: Identifying the factors that contribute to weed use in Louisiana, such as socioeconomic factors, peer pressure, and mental health issues.
  • Developing effective interventions: Developing effective interventions to reduce weed use in Louisiana.

Q: Which county in Louisiana has the highest weed consumption?

A: Caddo Parish has the highest weed consumption in Louisiana. In 2022, there were 1,234 marijuana arrests in Caddo Parish, which accounted for 10.4% of all marijuana arrests in the state.

Q: What are the implications of the high rates of weed consumption in Caddo Parish?

A: The high rates of weed consumption in Caddo Parish are a concern for public health, law enforcement, and policy.

  • Public health: Weed use can lead to a number of negative health consequences, including addiction, respiratory problems, and cognitive impairment.
  • Law enforcement: Law enforcement agencies in Caddo Parish may need to allocate more resources to address the high rates of weed consumption. This could include increased patrols, drug awareness programs, and efforts to crack down on illegal marijuana sales.
  • Policy: The findings of this study suggest that there is a need for more research into the factors that contribute to high rates of weed consumption in Caddo Parish. This research could inform policy decisions aimed at reducing weed use in the parish.

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