Thi is the Most Creepiest Place in Entire New York Where You Have to Stay Safe

New York City is famous for its tall skyscrapers, well-known sites, and high-end stores. But for those who are looking for it, The Big Apple has a much darker side for magical fans. The city is full of strange, unexplained things going on, like ghost houses, burial grounds, and empty buildings.

Our list of the 10 most haunted places in New York City will give you ideas, whether you’re looking for something to get you in the Halloween mood or something out of this world. Are you ready to see the scary side of New York City? Check out these places that are said to be haunted:

Morris-Jumel Mansion

The first place on our list of NYC spots is the Morris-Jumel Mansion, which is one of the oldest homes still standing in Manhattan. In 1765, British Colonel Roger Morris, his wife, and their children built the house as a summer home.

Many people think that the mansion is haunted by ghosts, including Eliza Jumel, who used to be the mistress of the mansion. People have also said they have seen a soldier from the American Revolution.

You can visit this really scary house in New York during the day, or you can take a special Ghost Tour at night with candles. When people come in, they are given a candle to help them find their way through the dark rooms while they listen to scary stories about the ghosts that live there.

Hell Gate Bridge

There are bridges all around New York City. Every one of these beautiful buildings, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Manhattan Bridge, has a story to tell. Some of them are thought to be darker than others. Come on, Hell Gate Bridge.

People have been guessing about the scary-sounding Hell Gate Bridge for hundreds of years. It is on the north end of the East River, between Astoria, Queens, and Randall’s Island.

People have said they saw a ghost train cross the bridge at night. A number of people who were walking by have also seen an evil train taking the souls of people who died in the water below. Are you brave enough to go see for yourself if the stories are true?

The Dakota

One of the most well-known buildings in New York is also one of our favorite scary spots in the city. The famous Dakota, which is also called the Dakota Apartments, is right next to Central Park and was built in 1880.

Rich and famous people have lived in the building for a long time. Such as John Lennon, who used to be in the band The Beatles and was shot outside the building by a crazy fan on December 8, 1980.

A lot of people say they have seen his ghost around the Dakota after his sad death. Yoko Ono, who used to be married to Lennon, also said she saw his ghost playing the piano in their apartment. For Ono, Lennon told her not to be scared and that he is still with her after leaving.

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