This is the Most Charming College Town In Tennessee

Tennessee, in Johnson City. There is no other Tennessee town like this one. It is by far my favorite place in the state. The town is in the mountains, has a great community, and is just the right size to have everything you need in a city without being too big. What’s not to love? I’d like to show you a little bit of how great this college town in Tennessee really is today.

East Tennessee State University (ETSU) is right in the middle of Johnson City. People in the city are proud of their school everywhere you look.

Downtown Johnson City is one of the best places to go while you’re there. It’s possible to see this famous sign with Buffalo Mountain in the background. You can also go shopping and eat at some pretty good places. Also, if you want to eat, Johnson City has a lot of great places to do so. Even though Southern Craft is my all-time favorite, Burger & Barrel, Label, and The White Duck are also great pubs.

There are many interesting shops in downtown Johnson City that you should check out. Great colored popcorn is sold at Patriot Popcorn, and Cakebuds is right across the street for all your baking needs. The Generalist sells handmade goods made by local artists, and Owl’s Nest is a great spot to do some thrift shopping.

You don’t have to leave downtown if you need to stay the night. This sleek flat is right in the middle of the city and looks out over a lovely, airy courtyard. There are so many things to do outside for fun that you could spend a lifetime discovering them all.

Buffalo Mountain is right in the city, and it has a lot of hiking trails that connect to each other. The trails go through wooded areas and to beautiful views. People who love mountain riding also go to Tannery Knobs, which is a bike track in the mountains. There are also a lot of things to do just outside the city borders. There are thousands of miles of trails that lead to beautiful parks, waterfalls, and other natural sights. When we talk about parks, the city has a lot of beautiful green areas and parks.

The beautiful views at Willow Springs (shown above) are my best. There are beautiful walking tracks in this park that honor the town’s history in many ways. Also, we love Rotary Park. It has a great playground and a splash pad that my kids love to use when it’s hot outside. Knoxville’s Johnson City has a lot to offer, but the people who live there are what make it great. The group is something you have to see for yourself. You’ll see that everyone does a great job of making you feel welcome and at home as you get to know them.

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