This is the Creepiest Place in Entire North Dakota

Let’s not act like we don’t all find the idea of death interesting. While we eat our fruit loops in the morning, we watch crime films and bloody murder shows. We like to find out about new things, solve puzzles, and get a feel for what’s really out there. We also enjoy the rush of energy that comes from being scared. That’s why people love spooky houses so much.

North Dakota is said to have a lot of places where ghosts and other supernatural things live. Some of the most interesting stories got really deep for me. This is my list of some of the state’s darkest, creepiest, and most interesting places to visit during the scary season.

The Creepiest Place in North Dakota

Riverside Cemetary

People say that this Fargo graveyard is one of the scariest places in all of North Dakota. Sources say that people have heard knocking sounds coming from inside the mausoleum and voices coming from gravestones all over the graveyard. It’s scary! What I want to know is why people are walking around in the graveyard at night. You’ll get into trouble if you ask me.

Stairway to Hell

This one sounds like the last place I want to go, according to a friend. Tagus, North Dakota is said to be where the “Stairway to Hell” is. Tagus is a small town that has been left empty forty miles west of Minot. The paranormal location is said to be at an old Lutheran church. The source said that this building was said to be home to people who serve Satan. The church is gone because it burned down a long time ago, but a story says that the stairway to hell is under its base.

North Dakota State University

Two stories are rolled into one very dark story. There is a story that during WWII, a guy hung himself in Ceres Hall. Sources say that students and workers have heard voices, felt like someone was standing behind them (Eeek!), and said their body temperature dropped quickly.

Minard Hall is where the second ghost story at the University comes from. In 1920, two people were killed. A source says that a man and a woman were discovered in a dance room on the fourth floor. They were found early one morning by a guard. The police never found out who killed the two or why, but people who often go there say it’s a spooky part of campus.

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