This Idaho Town is One of the Happiest Town In The Country

It might seem hard to quantify happiness, but every year dozens of studies show which American cities have the happiest people. The newest one comes from a list that MSN just put out. They made a list of the happiest and saddest states in the US. You might be curious about where Idaho landed. Idaho was actually pretty high on the list of the happy states. We already knew this, of course. When you live in such a beautiful state, how could you not be ecstatic? That being said, you should keep reading to learn why Idaho ranked so high compared to other states.

It may come as a surprise that Idaho is ranked number one on MSN’s list of America’s Happiest (And Most Miserable) States. The Gem State was ranked as the 8th best state in the country as a whole. From our point of view, that’s not too bad.

But what does this number really mean? And how did they choose the rankings? Gallup-Sharecare put together a “Well-Being Index” that was used to make the decisions. This index is made up of five parts: physical health, financial security, social relationships, sense of purpose, and link to community.

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The measure was made by talking to more than 160,000 adults across the country to find out how they feel about their daily lives. The results were very different across the country, but the Northeast, West, and Upper Midwest were generally found to be the happiest places in the country. The worst well-being scores came from the South and the Rust Belt.

In a list of all 50 states, Idaho came in at number eight, just behind New Hampshire. South Dakota was named number one. When it comes to areas, “sense of purpose” and “relationship to community” took the cake.

About 76.7% of Idahoans are proud of their town, which is more than any other state! Also, 74.6% of Idaho residents think the state is great for them, and 85.6% feel safe and secure in their neighborhood. Idaho has the sixth-lowest crime rate in the country. Our strong sense of community pride may have something to do with it.

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In general, the measure also found that people in Idaho are happier with their health, finances, and sense of purpose than people in most other states. Even though this may not be new to us, it’s still nice to have these facts laid out for us.

Here are some facts that show how great it is to live in Idaho. It’s easy to see why people want to stay here.

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