This Creepiest Hike in Wisconsin Takes You Through The Ruins

Hiking trails in Wisconsin lead to beautiful places like clear lakes, wild forests, city areas, and wide open prairies. This isn’t like any other walk in Wisconsin, though. It leads to a “ghost farm,” which is the spooky remains of a former farmstead. When you’re brave enough to get out of the car and look around, this spot is both creepy and beautiful. It begs to be captured. This is what you’ll find on this hike in Indian Lake County Park.

This camping area is close to Cross Plains, a town in Dane County with 4,100 people. The land is rich and hilly, and dairy farms have lived there since the 1800s.

Indian Lake County Park is in this lovely area. There are many parks in Dane County. It’s on almost 800 acres, and you can get there from Highway 19, which is about two miles west of Highway 12.

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A part of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail goes through Indian Lake County Park. The park has miles of tracks for hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and foraging. Next to the park is the 128-acre Halfway Prairie Wildlife Place, which is a public hunting place run by the county.

The climbing in the park is beautiful and difficult, with some trails going up a lot of elevation. One trail goes to an old chapel that was built in 1857 and sits on top of a hill with a stunning view of the lake and valley below.

The park is looked at by something a little scary, though. On a hill, the stone remains of a farm look very scary. A lot of the farm is gone, but the old stone walls stand strong against time and the weather.

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Photographers, people who like history, and people who like beautiful nature all like to visit the farm. Some are brave enough to visit the farm at night!

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