This City Ranked 2nd Most Expensive Place to Live in US

A new poll shows that Los Angeles is the second most expensive city in the US. A report from U.S. News and World Report showed which cities are the most expensive to live in. Three of the top five cities are in Southern California.

The most expensive place in the country was found to be San Diego. Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Miami were the next most expensive cities.

Fifth place went to Santa Barbara.

Eight California towns made the list. San Francisco, Salinas, Santa Rosa, Vallejo, and Fairfield are some of them. Based on the “median gross rent and annual housing costs for mortgage-paying homeowners” of each metro area, the poll was made.

People describe the City of Angels as both a glitzy show business town and a traffic-clogged metropolis. But the truth is that America’s second-largest city is neither of those things at the same time.

The Cost of Living in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a housing problem because there isn’t enough affordable housing for the large number of new people who move there every year. It also costs a lot to live here.

The Best Way to Get Around Los Angeles

In Southern California, the car rules the roads. A lot of people in Los Angeles drive to work, which is why the metro area is famous for having traffic jams. The LA Metro system has rail lines that connect to many of the city’s key business districts and tourist spots. Even though buses are part of the Metro, they don’t run as often or as reliably because of all the traffic on the streets in the area. Metro also lets people share bikes.

One of the biggest airports in the country is Los Angeles International, which means that traffic is often stuck nearby. Burbank and Long Beach each have a small rural airport that helps ease the traffic from LAX. There are also Amtrak trains and coach buses that serve the city area.

Who Lives in Los Angeles?

Everyone who moves to this area is a newcomer from somewhere else. A lot of the people who live in the metro area were born somewhere else. A big part of the area’s population is Hispanic, including immigrants and people who have lived in California for many generations. LA has a large problem with people who don’t have a place to live. People are sleeping on the streets in tents, blankets, and tarps all over the city.

Young people who want to start their own businesses and people who want to make it in show business are drawn to Los Angeles. These young, single adults create a progressive social atmosphere and are drawn to the creative, lively atmosphere made possible by the metro area’s entertainment image.


A poll by U.S. News and World Report has revealed Los Angeles as the second most expensive city in the US, with three of the top five being in Southern California. The city faces housing issues and traffic congestion due to its heavy reliance on cars. The LA Metro system and airports help alleviate traffic issues. The area attracts young, single adults with entrepreneurial ambitions and a creative atmosphere.

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