This City is the Most Stressed City of New Jersey State

Stress is something that everyone has to deal with. Some people like a little stress, but too much can be hard to handle. People who are stressed out a lot are more likely to get sick and be less productive.

Because of this, WalletHub looked at 39 key metrics from more than 180 places to find the most and least stressed cities in the country. Four different lists were made based on these key metrics: work stress, cash stress, family stress, and health and safety stress. The study found that one city in New Jersey is one of the most stressed places in the whole country.

The biggest city in the Garden State, Newark, was ranked No. 3 on WalletHub’s list of the most stressed cities in the country. One reason for the city’s high score is that it came in sixth place for work stress and fourth place for financial stress. It was also named third for family stress and seventy-first for health and safety stress.

The study also found that Newark had some pretty bad statistics. It was the city with the second-lowest average number of hours of sleep per night and the second-lowest standard credit score. At the same time, Jersey place was the only other place in the Garden State that was included in the study. Overall, it got a rank of 105.

WalletHub says Rochester, New York, is the most stressed city in the state and the 30th most stressed city in the country. In terms of specific groups, Rochester had the third-highest rate of poverty and the fifth-highest rate of divorce.

Beyond New York City, the study also looked at Buffalo, which came in at No. 48, and the Big Apple, which got the No. 53 spot. The study found that Yonkers was the least stressed city in New York, with a total rank of 116. Which places stood out in the study? WalletHub says that Detroit is the most stressed city in the US, while Fremont, California is the least stressed city in the country, so you can breathe easily.

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